Kin is finally launching!

Public beta is now open, sign-up for a free account.

Kin launch banner

Honestly, I never expected Kin to launch.

Back in early 2018, my business partner at the time left the project because of personal issues. I kept our site up but didn't intend to work more on the project.

Over the next 6 months, emails kept popping onto our waitlist. Occasionally I got an email saying "When are you launching?" or "This looks great, can we test it out?".

After some pondering, I thought "If people want this that much I better build it". Over the last year, my new business partner Sebastian and I have worked on the app, and in September last year, we decided to go full-time on the project.

Until now we've only shown the app to a select few, but today we're opening the app up to the public.

To sign-up for an account or schedule a demo, hit the button below:

What's next for Kin?

This is when the work starts. Our intention is to build the app with our customers, so we're keeping our roadmap public where anyone can see what we're working on.

Here are some of the upcoming features we're considering:

Think we're missing something? Send us a feature request and we'll consider adding it to the app.

Ready to give the app a spin?

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